Join the Coalition

We are an open, inclusive, and collaborative Coalition. As such we welcome any interested networks, organisations, or individuals to join us. If you have any questions about joining the Coalition, or wish to become a member, get in touch via the form.

Learn more about the coalition, it’s aims, and structure here.

When joining the coalition all members, whether individuals or representing organisations, agree to adhere to the general principles, aims and areas of work, and to work within the coalition to deliver these. 

To ensure the coalition acts as a space for all to learn from each other, and as a means for transforming and growing the UK climate movement, the coalition has established a Code of Conduct for all members, as well as a Care and Transformative Justice group to ensure the coalition works towards a culture that is reflective and supportive in a way that prevent conflicts. This group can be approached by any member in cases of conflict or concern about care and safeguarding.

The Coalition’s Code of Conduct commits all members to:


  • Ensure consent is a cornerstone of all interactions;
  • Be generous and caring to others at all times;
  • Avoid engaging in behaviour that excludes, threatens or disrespects others on the basis of: gender identity, ability, immigration or citizenship status, ethnicity, age, nationality, sexuality, religion and belief, working status, income, appearance;
  • Be committed to supporting and engaging in community and personal accountability;
  • Understand that conflicts and disagreements are necessary elements of political organising;
  • Make no threats or attempts at verbal or physical violence towards others, in person or on-line;
  • Be committed to conflict resolutions and de-escalation of interpersonal conflicts and to participate in such processes if asked by the care and justice group;
  • Agree to leave the group in a respectful way, if asked to by the Coordinating Group; for example, following a conflict resolution process which concludes that your participation is undermining the group, and no other resolution is tenable.

Generally, we will all work to reflect on how our privileges affect our behaviour, including how we can harm each other without meaning  to on the basis of race, gender, class and so on. We will try to listen and learn, and hold ourselves accountable for our behaviour – we’re all not perfect, but we can help each other to change for the better.