About the Coalition

The COP26 Coalition is a civil society coalition made of groups and individuals from a range of constituencies in Scotland and the rest of the UK, organising for climate justice around COP26.

Our aims

Organise around the COP in a transformative, climate justice-centred way, creating space for hope and being inclusive and accountable to the breadth of UK and Scottish civil society and international climate movements.

Use the COP as a moment to strengthen the Scottish, UK and International climate justice movement to build power for system change – this is not about 2 weeks in November 2021 – it’s about a year of building up to and the legacy of the COP for the movement.

Enable civil society to use the COP as leverage to make gains at the domestic level that advance climate justice, and ensure best outcome possible from the COP itself.

Our key areas of work

Learning within our movements: We  support civil society, especially in Scotland and the UK to use COP26 as a learning moment to strengthen our movement, and to mobilise behind strong climate justice demands. We will also help explain the basics of the negotiations, as well as all the issues from a climate justice perspective.

Centring voices of those most impacted: We support, train and coordinate to ensure that the voices of those most impacted by the climate crisis (for example, frontline and indigenous communities in the global south) are heard in the run up to and during the COP, transforming our movements in the process. 

Logistics and international solidarity: We provide support, advice, and information for the visa process, travel arrangements and accommodation for global south participants.

People’s Summit and civil society spaces: We ensure civil society has spaces to meet and organise during COP26, including a counter summit as a focal point for events, mobilising, learning, strategising. 

Mobilisations: We coordinate a mass civil society action during the COP, complementing other decentralised actions in run up to and during COP, by providing a coordination space to inform targets, messages and actions.

Developing transformative policy demands: We  develop political narratives and frameworks that deepen the understanding and connections between demands for decarbonisation at the national level and the impacts of different approaches and solutions on the global south. These include the need for financial and technical support for those already being impacted by the multiple crisis of climate and inequality.

Decision making & structure

The Coalition’s decision-making body is the Coordinating Committee, composed of representatives from each of the Working Group and reflecting a the full range of constituencies represented in the Coalition. The Working Groups take forward the plans of the Coalition. The following Working Groups are currently operational:

Communications: the Communications Working Group is in charge of communicating key information and messages from the Coalition. The Working Group manages the Coalition’s social media channels and produces a fortnightly newsletter, The Rising Clyde. It also manages the Coalition’s traditional media work, including maintaining a spokesperson network.

Culture: the Culture Working Group coordinates artistic and creative work within the Coalition.

Fundraising: the Fundraising Working Group is composed of fundraisers from members of the Coalition who work together to secure the funds necessary to the work of the Coalition and manage a budget.

Glasgow Local: the Glasgow Local Working Group provides space for local movements and groups based in Glasgow to organise and build power ahead of and during COP26.

Global Solidarity: the Global Solidarity Working Group liaises with organisations and movements from around the world to inform the work of the Coalition, as well as to support these movements – especially in the Global South – to maximise their participation at COP26. The Working Group holds regular International Assemblies for this purpose.

Logistics: the Logistics Working Group is mostly composed of and works closely with Scottish groups to manage venue booking, accommodation, and visa support. The Working Group seeks to support Global South participation at COP26 in particular.

Mobilisations: the Mobilisations Working Group coordinates a variety plans for climate justice movements to mobilise in the run up to and during COP26. 

Political Strategy: the Political Strategy Working Group is in charge of coordinating the Coalition’s demands and strategy relevant both to the “inside” policy arena and to the broader politics “outside” the negotiations. 

The Coalition has also formed or is in the process of forming several caucuses, including a Trade Union caucus, Youth caucus, and People of Colour caucus.