Who we are

The COP26 Coalition is a civil society coalition made of groups and individuals from a range of constituencies in Scotland and the rest of the UK, including trade unions, direct action networks, climate justice groups, environment and development NGOs, faith groups, students and youth, migrant and racial justice networks.

We are a broad, diverse and inclusive coalition to organise UK civil society around COP26, representing not only climate groups like environment and development NGOs, direct action networks, student and youth strikers in the coalition, but also groups from different parts of civil society, like trade unions, faith and community groups, migrant and racial justice networks, both in Scotland and the rest of the UK. 

To ensure that the Coalition stays diverse and inclusive, we are committed to sharing resources, knowledge and spaces from our professional members who have more staff, money and resources with our grassroots members. We aspire to make sure that we work in a flexible and open way that allows for different levels of access and involvement, while keeping everyone informed.

We are also maintaining liaisons to global networks and movement, with a specific focus on frontline communities and indigenous groups in the global south, and provide support for international groups organising for COP26.

Some of our coalition members include:

2050 Climate Group
Arkbound Foundation
Campaign against Climate Change
Carfree Glasgow
Demand Climate Justice
ETC Group
End Water Poverty
Fridays for Future Scotland
Friends of the Earth Scotland
Friends of the Earth England, Wales, and Northern Ireland
Get Glasgow Moving
Glasgow Calls Out Polluters
Global Justice Now
If Not Us Then Who
Interfaith Glasgow
Jubilee Scotland
Keep Scotland Beautiful
Land Workers’ Alliance
Learning for Sustainability Scotland
London Mining Network
National Union of Students
Nourish Scotland
Nourishing Change
PCS Union
Quakers in Britain
Reclaim the Power
Rising Tide UK
Robin Hood Tax
Scottish Communities Climate Action Network
Stay Grounded
Students Organising for Sustainability UK
The Robin Hood Tax
Track 0
UK Student Climate Network
War on Want
Wretched of the Earth
Woodlands Community
Youth For Our Planet