People's Summit
For Climate

7-10 Nov

While world leaders meet to discuss our future at COP26, we'll be building power for system change together. Bringing together the climate justice movement to discuss, learn and strategise for system change. Join in online from anywhere in the world, or in-person in Glasgow.


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This workshop aims to explore young people’s needs and visions for a just future. We will present the collected visions for a just Green Deal for Europe developed by a diverse youth across Europe and beyond, and question what concrete actions we can take together to achieve our common goals.

Uproot the cis-tem: queer ecology as climate justice

Uproot the cis-tem' is a two-part hybrid workshop which posits that the climate crisis cannot be understood through binary thinking. In its first half, two speakers will unpack the term 'queer ecology', discussing how the dominant systems of heteronormativity, cisnormativity, colonialism, and capitalism work to distance us from our environment. Its second half will consist […]

Pulling the emergency brake: System Change and Degrowth

What is the system change we need to avert climate breakdown? Should the rich countries of the Global North continue to grow, or should they de-grow? How does degrowth link to decolonial struggles for global justice? Would it enhance or impair human well-being? How can degrowth strengthen the various movements and struggles concerned with issues […]

Reflections on Just Transition(s) in North Africa

This workshop aims to advance a deeper analysis of where we are now in terms of energetic transition in North Africa. Having a better understanding of the current situation, the actors involved and the would-be winners and losers is crucial for any rallying efforts for a just transition. The workshop will aim to enrich the […]

Challenging the Military Carbon Bootprint

The world's militaries are major carbon emitters yet are not even required to report their emissions, let alone reduce them. This workshop will discuss the size of military carbon emissions, the role of the military sector in protecting the extraction economy, how they seek to capitalise on the climate crisis by offering armed 'solutions', and […]

Restructuring international climate finance to centre Indigenous Peoples’ defence of territories of life

International climate finance is central to climate justice, as is Indigenous self-determination. Learn from Indigenous Uitoto, Wampis, Ogiek and Sengwer leaders both how existing global climate finance reproduces top-down logics of domination which undermine their autonomy, and their proposals, demands and strategies for how it can be restructured to recognise and better support their self-government […]

How municipalities can drive a people powered energy transition

The energy transition is one of the biggest opportunities our generation has been given. But who owns the power? Who controls the governance? And are they accountable to local citizens? This session explores municipal and communities, examples from Europe, South Africa and Latin America where local authorities and citizen groups have used the energy transition […]

Just Transition Strategies vs Neoliberal Climate Schemes

Since its inception, the term “Just Transition” has embodied the democratic self-determination of workers and communities. In contrast, neoliberal climate policy is built around the needs of corporations, often with the polluting companies causing this global crisis. Join the leadership of unions and allied climate movements to examine how just transition strategies developed by workers […]

International Meeting of Social and Environmental Podcasts

The Meeting is an opportunity for producers of socio-environmental podcasts to have contact with other podcasts around the world, enabling the creation of partnerships, aimed at sharing knowledge and skills, expanding the reach of listeners, and discussing the challenges in producing content and in the engagement of society in the podcasts' places of origin.

The Robin Hood Game

A fun, active, intergenerational, running-around game to explore our influence on climate policy and share understanding of the direct impact of government and leaders’ decisions.

Weaving Hopes for the Future

An Indigenous art and cultural response to climate and ecological breakdown. This session illuminates linkages between climate injustice and Indigenous land rights to influence the public perception of the Indigenous plight and how the global community are tied to these struggles

School is Dead? Long Live Learning!

Join Us in an exploration of the future of learning from around the globe in an interactive exhibition space, to discuss, learn and strategise about how we make education better for people and the planet! ‘We Are Wonder’ are an autonomous group, connecting, growing and building a sustainable future for self-directed learning in Glasgow. We […]

Sharing/Understanding perspectives on animal agriculture

Intensive factory farmed livestock contributes to our carbon (methane, nitrate) emissions, and cause huge environmental damage. We must find alternatives, but there are different perspectives on what those alternatives could be. Debates are difficult and sometimes divisive. This discussion will be a space for open discussion and listening from different perspectives on the role of […]

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