What’s Happening?

Mass mobilisation for Climate Justice

Saturday 6th November, Glasgow and across the UK

The COP26 Coalition and international allies are planning a decentralised day of action for Saturday 6th November, the middle weekend of COP26. As there are likely to be significant travel restrictions, we will show our movement’s strength and the need for urgent action for climate justice by coming together in our city, town or village across the world for a coordinated day of action.


People’s Summit

Sunday 7th to Wednesday 10th November, across Glasgow and online

Our Global Gathering for Climate Justice will bring together the international climate movement for an inspiring four day alternative summit outside the official COP space. We will hear from people struggling against injustice and fighting for a better world everywhere. Together, we will learn how to take the radical systemic action we need to address the climate crisis.

The Gathering will be a hybrid in person and online event across four days, hosted from venues across Glasgow and beamed out across the world so as many people as possible can join and participate.

It will be the fourth in a series of Global Gatherings that the COP26 Coalition is organising, with online Gatherings planned for April and September 2021, after our hugely successful kick-off summit in November 2020 that saw over 8,000 participants join across 50 events.


Civil Society Convergence Space

The COP26 Coalition and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland are working to create a series of Civil Society Convergence Spaces – welcoming, creative hubs across Glasgow where activists can gather and connect together, warm up with food and drink, book out meeting rooms and socialise into the evening. We are also organising an art space where artists and activists have all they need to create art, banners, action props and everything in between. These spaces are obviously very dependent on the ongoing pandemic situation.


Other climate events

Across the two weeks of COP26, as well as in the run up, there will be a huge variety of events happening across the city: talks, workshops, art exhibitions, film screenings, gatherings and mobilisations. Whether these are in person or online will depend on the ongoing Covid situation. Stop Climate Chaos Scotland has created the Climate Fringe website for organisations to list their events and activities in the run up and during COP.