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General email: [email protected]      

Membership – for UK based organisations

If you are a UK based organisation, you can join the Coalition as a member organisation. 

You must agree to our aims to join the Coalition, which can be viewed here.

To help us build the movement and ensure mass mobilisations at the COP26, we ask all member organisations to commit to lend practical support where possible, either through supporting our pubilicy and comms work or helping with organising and resources where you can. We can discuss with you what practical support might look for your organisation.

Please fill in this application form if you would like to join. We will send you an email to discuss membership.

Individuals – International and UK

As an individual, there are many ways you can get involved with the Coalition.

Local Hubs

As a UK-based individual or someone working within an activist organisation, you can join (or start!) a COP26 Coalition Local Hub. 

You can join a local hub or read about how to start one here

Volunteering  – International and UK

To pull off what we need to achieve before COP26 – creating solidarity across movements in the UK and globally under the banner of climate justice and getting as many people on the streets as possible this November – we need as much as help as we can get!

To volunteer at COP26 itself on the Global Day of Action, as part of the People’s Summit or to support civil society hubs, please see our volunteering opportunities here.

If you have the time before COP, there are plenty of tasks we need support with, from supporting the People’s Summit logistics, supporting with comms to to general admin. Please email us to say if you would like to help, how much time you can commit and any particular skills you might be able to bring.

Email: [email protected]

Working Groups – International and UK

The Coalition operates through a system of working groups where individuals and organisations bring their expertise and time to help with the different components that are essential to building the movement. Please see our working groups below and subscribe to keep up to date with the meeting times and developments.

Mobilisations: UK

The Mobilisations Working Group coordinates a variety plans for climate justice movements to mobilise in the run up to and during COP26. The focus of this WG is on decentralised UK mobilisations in November and Local Hub actions.

Subscribe: [email protected]

Global Solidarity: International

The Global Solidarity Working Group liaises with organisations and movements from around the world to inform the work of the Coalition, as well as to support these movements – especially in the Global South – to maximise their participation at COP26. The Working Group holds regular International Assemblies for this purpose.

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Political Strategy: International

The Political Strategy Working Group is in charge of coordinating the Coalition’s demands and strategy relevant both to the “inside” policy arena and to the broader politics “outside” the negotiations. 

Email: [email protected] 

Communications: International

The Comms working group is open to those responsible for or have experience in managing any area of communications output of your organisation or campaign (social media, newsletter, press etc). Subsribe to the email list for comms announcements and events.

Subscribe: [email protected] 

Logistics: Mainly UK

The Logistics Working Group is mostly composed of and works closely with Scottish groups to manage venue booking, accommodation, and visa support. The Working Group seeks to support Global South participation at COP26 in particular.

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Culture: International

The Culture Working Group coordinates artistic and creative work within the Coalition.

Email: [email protected] 

Trade Union Caucus: Mainly UK but some international input

Our trade union caucus works with trade union representatives from across the UK as well as having international links and input. The focus is a just transition, building solidarity between trade unions and mobilisation workers en masse for climate justice. Get in contact if you are involved in a UK or international trade union.

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Glasgow Local: UK

The Glasgow Local Working Group provides space for local movements and groups based in Glasgow to organise and build power ahead of and during COP26.Subscribe: [email protected]