From The Ground Up: Taking Action Now

From The Ground Up: Global Gathering for Climate Justice which was held during November 2020 grounded our movement in climate justice. Over 8000 people joined to hear from people struggling against injustice and fighting for a better world everywhere. We were informed, dismayed and inspired to take action. So, how do we keep that momentum going?

We are now looking for session proposals for From The Ground Up: Taking Action Now –  a two day global gathering in March 2020, focussing on: 

  • How we take action for Climate Justice 
    • Tactics, actions and strategy for meaningful change
    • The context, history and diversity of these tactics and how they play out for different people in different places. 
  • How do we collaborate across the wider movement?
  • Building an inclusive, equitable, intersectional, radical movement for change – tackling racism, ableism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia in our daily lives and in our movements. 
  • How do we mobilise half a million people to take to the streets in 2021? 


We have a lot to fit into two days. Collaboration is key – if you can, please develop your session proposals together with fellow activists from across the climate justice movement.


This is our open invitation, to the global climate justice movement including those working for social and economic justice around the globe, to help us organise and deliver an energising two day online global gathering in March 2021. 


The COP26 Coalition is made up of all of us, lending our capacity and time to work together. At From The Ground Up over 100 groups ran sessions, and a team of 30 volunteers stepped in to make them happen technically. To make this one happen, the small staff team needs your support. Jump in! 


What happens next? Submissions are open til Jan 18th 2021. From there, we’ll start to design a programme which captures the spread of the submitted proposals. By the end of January 2021 we will let you know if we can include your session. We will introduce groups who could collaborate based on their proposals. Then it will be up to session holders to plan together. We will support with logistics, tech and provide translation where necessary. We will promote the event as a whole and make sure there are lots of people in the room


Submit a session idea!