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Welcome to the Rising Clyde #13, and a belated happy lunar new year! As usual, be sure to subscribe to our joint Coalition Calendar to stay up to date on our events, and check in on this edition’s soundtrack to remind yourself why we need trade unions

From The Ground Up: Take Action Now / 27-28 March 2021

From 27-28 March 2021, we will hold our second Global Gathering for Climate Justice. Join us for From the Ground Up #2: Take Action Now, to move our thinking towards how we can collectively tackle the multiple crises we are facing.

  • What are our tactics and strategies for meaningful change? What are their context, history and diversity, and how do they play out for different people in different places?
  • How do we build an inclusive, equitable, intersectional and radical movement for change?
  • How do we mobilise a million people to take to the streets this year?

The COP26 Coalition is all of us – please lend us your capacity and time to work together. Whether you’re a tech wizard, a facilitator, or can help us spread the word, we need all hands on deck. Join our crew here.

Get involved!

  • Are you an activist in Scotland, looking to get back into the game? Come to our climate justice gathering on Sunday at 6pm, to meet other Scottish activists and climate groups from across the nation. With the elections looming, the independence movement growing, and COP26 (probably) coming to Glasgow, we need all voices in the room to discuss what our next steps are. Join us here!
  • MORE – Migrants Organising for Rights and Empowerment are holding their next workshop on Climate Justice and Migrant Justice this Monday at 6pm! This time, Kirtana Chandrasekaran from Friends of the Earth International will guide the discussion on what COP exactly is – if you are a migrant, refugee or asylum seeker with experience of the immigration system, please come along! 
  • Do you run a Glasgow-based venue, community cafe, art gallery or events space? We’re looking for a wide variety of venues to help us hold events, provide accommodation for activists, and offer convergence spaces for people travelling to Glasgow to take part in COP26 Coalition mobilisations and other activities. If you are a venue holder and are interested in helping us, please fill out this initial survey and we’ll get back to you with more specific asks in the next few months. You can find more information about our requests for helphere, or contact if you have specific questions.

As ever, there’s plenty of ways to lend a hand! For those of you who love messaging, framing and social media, the Comms WG are meeting on Wednesday 25th at 3pm.

Next week we’re having another policy discussion, this one on the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill, on Tuesday 2nd March at 6:30pm! With the Bill soon being returned to Parliament, we will have the CEE Bill Alliance presenting to us the newest draft, as well as Biofuelwatch outlining some concerns around the bill – join us to learn and discuss!

Also next week, the Mobilisations WG will be meeting on Wednesday, 3rd March, 6:30pm to plan actions in Glasgow on 6th December.

News and Resources 

  • If you think that Fracking at least created a lot of jobs, we’ve got news for you: The Fracking Boom was in fact busting jobs, as “ it costs a lot of money to drill, but it doesn’t employ a lot of people, and much of the income is siphoned off to shareholders.” So, “despite the huge increase in shale gas production over the past decade, the vast majority of the 22 counties experiencing the drilling boom also experienced “economic stagnation or outright decline and depopulation.” 
  • We’ve often spoken about “net-zero” pollution targets and the offsetting mechanisms and “nature-based solutions” companies and governments will rely on to deliver them but nothing tells the story as starkly as the news that Shell’s 2050 net-zero target actually involved them expanding their production of fossil gas by 20%, exposing the potential or indeed inevitability of this sort of thing happening. It was a bad few weeks for Shell, who prior to their much-ridiculed announcement had been ordered by a Dutch court to pay damagesto Nigerian farmers for oil spills between 2004-2007. 

  • The fact is that fossil fuels have got to stay in the ground. From a climate perspective, it’s crystal clear. But it is also clear from a very immediate global health perspective: a new study has linked 1 in 5 deaths worldwide to fossil fuel air pollution.

  • Unfortunately, a lot of states around the world have invested their funds into National Oil Companies (NOC), and are continuing to do so, even though the oil majors are lowering their price estimates. With the energy transition speeding up, these state oil firms risk losing 400 billion dollars that could have been spent on healthcare, education or other things that aren’t silly and actually help their citizens. The result could be the worsening of global inequality, as most of the NOCs are located in nations with 280 million people live below the poverty line.  

  • Rather than transitioning away from deadly fossil fuels, we’re seeing a renewed push for dangerous false solutions. The latest nonsense is from the Swedish State-owned Space Company that is involved in the development of solar geoengineering technology that would reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the earth. Our governments would rather fight the sun rather than changing our economic system!  

  • Greenland possesses some of the world’s largest oil and gas and mineral reserves.Currently, there are about 70 active large-scale exploration and exploitation licenses in Greenland – which could turn into active extraction projects very soon. 141 NGOs have come together urging the Danish government and European Union to issue a moratorium for mining and oil and gas extraction projects. 

  • Our friends at 350 have written a really important brief on how the climate movement have gotten it wrong in how to speak on climate migration. Even if it was well-meaning,  climate groups using “crisis language like ‘mass migration’, ‘unprecedented migration’, ‘waves of migration’ feed into this perceived  ‘fear factor’ or ‘threat narrative’ and will be used to justify treating those that have been forcibly displaced by a rapidly warming world with walls, bullets, drones, cops, and cages.” Here is how to fix it.

  • If you want more detail on how to talk about climate migration (for example, because you’re interested in joining our comms group), feel free to read thisbriefing.

  • In case that you haven’t read it yet, check out Framing Climate Justice, an amazing project on how our movement can better frame climate change as a human and a justice issue. Read it and join our comms working group straight after!

Also, our friends in the Asian movements have sounded the alarm this lunar new year – if you’d be interested in helping them out from a UK perspective, click here.

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Welcome to 2021, and to the Rising Clyde #12! As usual, be sure to subscribe to our joint Coalition Calendar to stay up to date on our events, check out this edition’s music video for a short glimpse into the future climate negotiations, and check out our amazing youtube videos, with new content from our global gathering last November!

Also, a public service announcement: Take to the streets on the Global Day of Action on 6th November 2021 – as not everyone can come to Glasgow this November, we will mobilise across the world in every country and continent, as well as in every town and city in the UK. Spread the word and start organising now.

From The Ground Up: Take Action Now / 27-28 March 2021

Last November, 8000 of us gathered to educate each other and strategise together on Climate Justice. From 27-28 March 2021, we will hold our second Global Gathering for Climate Justice. Join us for From the Ground Up #2: Take Action Now, to move our thinking towards how we can collectively tackle the multiple crises we are facing.

  • What are our tactics and strategies for meaningful change? What are their context, history and diversity, and how do they play out for different people in different places?
  • How do we build an inclusive, equitable, intersectional and radical movement for change?
  • How do we mobilise a million people to take to the streets this year?

Our Call for Contributions is still open  until 15 February for our allies from the Global South. Submit a session here.

The COP26 Coalition is all of us – please lend us your capacity and time to work together. Whether you’re a tech wizard, a facilitator, or can help us spread the word, we need all hands on deck. Join our crew here. 

Get involved!

Last week, our political strategy working group held a discussion meeting discussing Net-Zero and what to do about it. If you missed it, read the notes here, and be sure to come to our next political strategy meeting on levers and intel this Tuesday at 6pm.

If you’re interested in helping the coalition out on our website, socials and newsletters, please come to our Comms Working Group on Wednesday, 3pm!

Even with Covid-19 uncertainty, Glasgow will remain a centrepiece of our mobilisations. Come to our Glasgow Local Working Group Meeting on Wednesday, at 5pm, to discuss how we can make the most of it from now to November!

And in the week after, our Trade Union Caucus will reconvene on Tuesday, 16 February at 7pm, while our next Mobilisations meeting, focusing on our strategy of escalation towards COP26, meets on the day after, on Wednesday, 17 February at 6:30pm.

News and Resources 

And lastly: Solidarity with British Gas Workers! Thousands of GMB members at British Gas are taking action over the company’s strategy to fire them all and rehire them on worse terms and conditions. Read our Solidarity Statement here, and donate to our Solidarity Fundraiser to support the strike!

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Welcome to 2021, and to the Rising Clyde #11, our first edition for an exciting new year! Be sure to subscribe to our joint Coalition Calendar to stay up to date on our events. As it is also Burns Night soon, tune into this edition’s soundtrack to get you in the mood for our upcoming Coalition Social.

We can’t wait until November for Action on Climate Justice. This Spring, 27-28 March, we will come together again for From the Ground Up #2: Take Action Now.

Due to the difficulties of school closures and another national lockdown in the United Kingdom, we have extended the deadline for submissions until 31st Jan 2021 for all UK & European contributors.

International allies from the global south are invited to attend our International Assembly on 4th February to discuss potential topics, and can submit contributions until 15th February. 

For more information, check out our website or submit a session here!

Get involved!

As we look into the new year, there is lots to be done!

  • On Monday, 25th January, Migrants Organising for RIghts and Empowerment (MORE) is organising the first session on why Climate Justice is Migrant Justice. Please forward the flyer below and this submission form to any refugees, migrants and asylum seekers that might be interested!
  • Join the Political Strategy Working Group meeting on Tuesday 26th December at 7pm for a policy discussion on Net Zero.
  • The Comms Working Group is meeting weekly, with the next meetings on Thursday 28th at 3pm and Wednesday 3rd February at 3pm.
  • After that, the Mobilisations Working Group are meeting on Wednesday 3rd at 6:30pm to plan a Glasgow-based action during COP26.
  • On Thursday, 4th February, we are inviting all of our international allies to join us in our next International Assemblies, at 9am UTC and at 4pm UTC. Please forward this invite to all your international networks, and contact Global Solidarity if you’re able to help out.
    And lastly, we’re warmly inviting you to come to our Coalition Social on Friday, the 29th January, 7:30pm, where we will hold an informal Burns Night – bring your favourite song or poem, cook some haggis and down it with your favourite Whisky/Irn Bru, or just come to sit back and chat! Everyone welcome, join here!

    News and Resources 

    And if you were still wondering whether the UK government’s race to zero is enough to tackle the multiple crises we face, here’s the youth with some real talk for you.

    Dear friends,

    Welcome to the Rising Clyde #10. Be sure to subscribe to our joint Coalition Calendar to stay up to date on our events, and as this is our last newsletter for this year, tune into this edition’s soundtrack to bring you into a festive mood.

    Net-Zero 2050? The UK’s Climate “Ambition” Is A Death Sentence

    Tomorrow, the UK Government wants to brand itself as a climate leader at their “Climate Ambition Summit”, when in reality, their target is unlikely to keep us below 2°C, never mind 1.5°C warming. We’re heading to 3 degree warming if we continue on the current path.

    The UK’s claim of leadership rings especially hollow while it continues to finance fossil fuels, and uses green pledges to reward the corporations that caused the climate crisis, instead of genuinely addressing the climate crisis in a way that would tackle inequalities in the UK at the same time.

    We don’t need ambition, we need action. The science is very clear – the climate emergency we are facing will have catastrophic impacts, far beyond the already devastating ecological crises affecting so many across the planet. These impacts will hit working-class communities, communities of colour, and people in the Global South the hardest. Winning slowly is the same as losing in this fight. We need concrete action now.

    So, what to do tomorrow? Play along at the UK Government’s Climate Ambition Summit tomorrow, starting at 2pm with our bingo! Listen out for false solutions, greenwashing and lies and mark them off on your bingo card! Share your results on socials under #ClimateAmbitionBingo and let us know what your favourite empty phrase was!

    Get involved!

    But we don’t just shout from the sidelines, we platform those speaking truth to power: Last Wednesday, representatives from the international climate justice movement came together to hold governments and those in power to account and to call out the hollow lack of ambition in the Cop26 President’s Climate Ambition Summit.

    Watch the recording of our international press conference here: 

    While getting ready for our holiday break, make sure you tune into next week’s Culture Working Group Meeting on Tuesday, 15 December at 6pm. We are also having a first science meeting on Wednesday, 16 December at 12pm to talk about what role the scientific community can and should play in the Coalition – if you’re interested in how scientists can help us explain the urgent need for societal transformation, please come along!

    Also, we have been active on the streets of Glasgow again – keep an eye out on our socials this weekend for something big!

    News and Resources 

    And finally, as we are at the last newsletter for this year: 2020 was grim, but there also have been important victories for our movement across the world. Nathan Thanki from Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice explains what it takes to win Climate Justice. Happy holidays!

    Dear friends,

    The last few weeks have been a blast! From The Ground Up: Global Gathering for Climate Justice has seen 8000 registrations for 53 sessions. But we are just getting started, with some massive mobilisations ahead of us over the next year! 

    Here’s how you can join us in the coming months:

    👥 We are holding an All Coalition Meeting on the 3rd December at 7pm, to reflect on the Global Gathering, and to discuss the road ahead of us until COP26. Everyone is welcome to join! 

    ⚠️ On 12th December, the UK government is going to use the five year anniversary of the Paris-Agreement to put out a bunch of hogwash to look green and “ambitious”. We all know that the UK government and their corporate allies are pushing for a death sentence with net-zero 2050. Stay tuned for our plan to let them know that we aren’t falling for their lies.

     🌸In Spring, we will hold From the Ground Up 2, focused on how our movement across the world is resisting governments and corporations, and how we can use these strategies to disrupt business as usual in the lead-up to COP26. 

    Tune into this newsletter’s soundtrack while reading, and subscribe to our joint Coalition Calendar to keep up to date with coming actions and gatherings.

    Get involved!

    If you have time and capacity to lend us, please join one of our upcoming working group meetings: 

    Do you hate greenwashing? Want to call out governments and corporations for their false solutions? Work for us! We’re looking for an experienced Scottish campaigner to join the COP26 Coalition as a Mobilisations and Digital Engagement Officer, to help us bring hundreds of thousands of people to the streets next year! The deadline is 7 December, apply here!

    Our logistics group has been busy and hosted a few meetings on how to best support our international allies in coming to Glasgow next year. One of the most important discussions was on how we should help organise venues during COP26. If you’ve missed this, we have recorded the meeting here with some excellent presentations on COP26 and Venues.

    On Monday, our pals at Stop Climate Chaos Scotland are hosting a webinar on Finance and Climate Justice, on the need for increased climate finance to global-south countries hit hard by climate change, and Scotland’s role in creating such change. Join here! 

    Right now until November 19, young people from across the world are taking responsibility while adults aren’t: Watch this video from young climate activists calling out governments on their failures, join them in debates during Mock COP, and let’s all hope that our governments are going to copy some of their homework from the youth.

    And if your appetites for webinars and zoom discussions is still not satisfied, come to the Right to Energy Forum 2020 to debate energy poverty, how it affects those worst off the most, and how we can create a united movement to end energy poverty across the world.

    Help the Kick Polluters Out Campaign get to 15,000 signatures to keep Polluters away from COP26 (they’re almost there!). This is especially important considering that one of the sponsors of COP26 is the second worst polluter in Scotland.

    News and Resources 

    And remember, if you have exciting news and resources from our movement, send them to us so that we can share!

    Welcome to a special edition of the Rising Clyde, the COP26 Coalition’s newsletter! Tune in to this edition’s soundtrack (which we will teach everyone in the Coalition to sing for next year), and get ready for the Global Gathering starting this Thursday!

    We’re now less than a week away from From the Ground Up: Global Gathering for Climate Justice, with over 3000 people now signed up! Continue to spread the word, prepare for some amazing programme announcements, and SIGN UP!

    To make the festival a success, we need YOUR help to get the word out as far as possible. Please give us a follow, and help us out by liking, commenting and (most importantly!) sharing our events. 

    Here’s a preview of some of our best sessions, from Trade Union organisers discussing just transition to indigenous campaigners teaching us about indigenous territorial rights for climate action.

    Same Storm, Different Boats: Second Political Statement

    We, the COP26 Coalition, have come together under the common cause of climate justice.  In our last political statement, we drew attention to the deeply entwined nature of the multiple crises we face. Of course, these still persist – we still face a devastating pandemic that is devastating the most vulnerable in society, as well as an unprecedented recession destroying people’s livelihoods, and all the while the climate crisis continues. 

    But one important thing has changed since then: everywhere around the world, grassroots movements are collectively speaking truth to power, holding those responsible for the many crises we face. 

    To reflect this, and to further unite activists across the world to challenge the greenwashing coming from governments and corporations around the world, we have released a second political statement.  

    Any civil society organisation can sign in support, but please make sure you do this by Wednesday 11 November. Please circulate the statement in your circles.

    And now, as a treat, one last peak at an amazing session from our gathering next week…

    News and Resources 

    • The inevitable, unavoidable, seemingly all-consuming news this week is that the United States has chosen a new emperor, and fiinally managed to get rid of the orange shitebag. Both Biden and Harris have climate plans which, though far from perfect, would present something for the climate movement to build on. Trump’s climate plan amounted to ecocide and genocide. So, let’s take a breather, and then continue to organise for the change we need.
    • While the votes were still being counted, however, the U.S. exited the Paris Agreement. While this might seem like bad news, given the role the U.S. has historically played in undermining international climate diplomacy, perhaps it’s not the worst thing to happen. 
    • In much better news, movements in the Philippines have won a massive victory as their years of campaigning have forced the government to announce a moratorium on new coal power plants. The U.K. could learn a thing or two. As Ed Miliband wrote this week, there’s no more time for bluster and rhetoric: the best way for the U.K. to give COP26 a chance of being a useful meeting is by the power of its domestic action. Walk the walk. 
    And to close this week full of exciting developments for our movement, have a look at this video:  “Looking back, it’s hard to believe we rebuilt our communities, from the ground up, with our own hands”. ✊🏾

    Welcome to the Rising Clyde #7, the COP26 Coalition’s newsletter! Take a minute to sign up to our shared calendar before tuning into this edition’s soundtrack

    …and get ready for our Global Gathering!

    We’re so excited to finally be able to share our promo video for the Global Gathering.

    To make the festival a success, we will need YOUR help to get the word out as far as possible. Please give us a follow, and help us out by liking, commenting and (most importantly!) sharing our upcoming announcements. 

    Here’s an exclusive preview of some of our confirmed sessions, with many more to follow:

    • FEMINISM DURING THE CLIMATE EMERGENCY – with Silvia Federici (feminist theorist and activist), Sabrina Fernandes (Brazillian Activist, Sociologist, Professor, and Youtuber), Veronica Gago (Ni Una Menos, Argentia), Dilar Dirik (Kurdish Women’s Movement), Judith Flores (Assembly of Popular and Diverse Women, Ecuador) 

    • INDIGENOUS SOLUTIONS TO THE CLIMATE CRISIS – with Tuntiak Katan (Global Alliance of Territorial Communities) Levi Sucre, (Mesoamerican Alliance of Peoples and Forests) Sonia Guajajara (Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil)

    • RED, BLACK AND GREEN NEW DEAL – convened by the Movement for Black Lives, this session seeks to deepen connections between the struggles for Black liberation and for Global Climate Justice. Bringing together Black leaders in North America, Africa and across the African diaspora, we’ll be convening a strategic discussion on how we can leverage this political moment of international uprisings in defence of Black life to unify calls for reparations for colonialism, enslavement and exploitation, ecological and climate debts, as well as what forms of transnational Black solidarity are needed to build towards them.

    Get involved!

    We are urgently looking for volunteers to support our online gathering with:

    • Technical Support (Zoom)

    • Online Facilitation (Zoom)

    • Social Media Moderation (Slack, Facebook)

    Please sign up on this spreadsheet with your availability, and share it with your networks and organisations!

    We will host a tech & facilitation training session for all crew members on:

    • Monday 2 November at 4:30pm. 
    • Saturday 7 November at 2pm 

    Our Trade Union Group is meeting again on November 4th – if you’re a Trade Union member or labour organiser, please join us for a comradely discussion on the climate justice and labour movements, and how we can organise to win. Sign up here for the trade union mailing list, or join a Trade Union today if you’re not already a member! 

    We are in the process of forming a group for people of colour in the coalition, as well as a group for our young members. If you’re interested in getting involved with either of these, please get in touch!

    Our Mobilisations Working Group is meeting again in the first week of November. Join us to discuss how we can take action on the weekend of the G20 meeting, and against the UK government’s Paris Agreement celebration event on December 12th.

    Week of Action for a Just and Green Recovery! From 4th-11th November, groups across Scotland will be taking action for a recovery plan that works for the people and the planet. Hundreds of you have already signed up to meet your MSPs as part of the Virtual Lobby for Real Change, and workers will be taking their demands directly to politicians on Wednesday November 4th.. The Just and Green Recovery campaign is backed by nearly 100 organisations from across Scotland, including trade unions, community groups and NGO – find out more on their new website.

    News and Resources 

    And as you all know, the US Election is happening very soon. Obviously we don’t know what’s going to happen, but this week we got a glimpse into the timeline where Donald Trump loses and concedes: he’ll come back to Scotland to build a second golf course in Aberdeenshire

    …and we’ll be there to show him exactly what we think of that.

    Welcome to the Rising Clyde number six, the COP26 Coalition’s newsletter! We have some big announcements to make in this one, so make sure to get comfortable, sign up to our shared calendar and listen to this to remind yourself that land belongs to the people and not to rich landowners. Also, remember to submit any news and resources you have from the climate movement here

    From the Ground Up: Global Gathering for Climate Justice

    Over the two weeks, we have worked hard on the global gathering and are excited to announce that we are open for registration. We had over 160 amazing submissions from across the climate movement, and have asked organisations to cooperate wherever possible to include as many perspectives and contributions as possible in our programme. You can register here.

    To make this gathering a success, we will need a lot of hands on deck. We will need teams to

    (1) help coordinate the facilitation of sessions, 

    (2) help with the technical aspects of the gathering, and

    (3) help organise translation and captioning of key sessions.

    If you’re able to help with either of these, please message us, and join one of these teams at the next project team meeting on Wednesday 14 October, 1pm-2:30pm

    Now, please share our event widely across our networks, and bring your family and friends (and enemies) to the gathering. 

    Boiling Point

    We are going towards the 5th session of our speaker series, “Boiling Point: Everything you ever wanted to know about international climate change negotiations but were too afraid to ask.” where we explore the basics of international climate change politics and the infamous COP. Experts with years of experience working behind the scenes of major summits will share their knowledge of the history and process of the talks as well as the major issues and main players. Boiling Point runs weekly on Thursdays until 22nd October.


    Get involved!

    In some really exciting news, we had a first call with our newly established Trade Union group last week, creating a space in the Coalition for rank and file union members and organisers to meet, chat and openly discuss ideas and topics around climate change and just transition. If you are a union member, join our mailing list, and join our trade union slack channel. If you’re not a trade union member, you should change this. 

    As we are a broad and diverse Coalition with a lot of perspectives and viewpoints on how to best fight for climate justice, we’re going to host a discussion on nature-based solution on 20 October, 1pm-2:30pm, to chat about what they are, and what chances and risks come with them.  Come along!

    As the UK still presides over the worst immigration system in Europe and continues to explore options to make it worse, we need to start thinking about how to best support our international allies coming to Scotland for COP. Join the logistics group’s meeting on Visa support to help with this crucial task.

    As always: our Comms group needs support. Whether you’re interested in Social Media, Press, or anything else, please join us next Wednesday, 14 October at 10am in our Comms working group. The zoom link will be in here.

    Also, here’s a few other events happening across Scotland:

    News and Resources 

    • It might be rainy in the UK but in Paraguay a state of emergency has been declared as over 5000 wildfires rage across the country. Fires in the Brazilian Amazon rightly made headlines last year but have not been widely reported this year despite a 61% rise in hotspots
    • You’re probably aware that Exxon is one of the worst companies on Earth. However, this week, it has been revealed that the company has been secretlyplanning for even more carbon emissions. And if you need an illustration on how bad this will be for communities across the world, Exxon’s Mossmorran plant in Scotland has been flaring again this week, looking like a gigantic fireball visible from Edinburgh and beyond.

    • Amazingly, that wasn’t the most evil news these past few weeks, as the British Government’s head villain Priti Patel took the opportunity of a pandemic to propose using decommissioned oil rigs as detention centres for migrants. 

    • Our pals at Friends of the Earth Scotland, Platform and Greenpeace have published an amazing report on offshore oil and gas workers in the Scottish north sea, surveying 1383 workers about their views on the industry.  Highlighting how insecure and unsafe work in the sector has become, 81.7% of  respondents would consider leaving the oil and gas industry for a job in another sector. At the same time, 91% of respondents never heard about just transition, highlighting how much more work the climate movement has to do. Read the full report here, and have a read about a personal struggle from a worker here
    • While Nature-Based Solutions sound nice and represent chances for how to tackle climate change, there is also an increasing risk that nature-based solution is used in greenwashing strategies by corporations like Shell, warns the Global Forest Coalition, which can lead to “land grabbing and displacement of communities, human rights violations, freshwater scarcity, biodiversity loss, and many other negative impacts, which are felt disproportionately by women and the most marginalized communities.” 
    • What should instead be looked at as a solution are stories like this one from Austria, where a couple of people decided that they themselves can be the solution, and created Austria’s first energy cooperative.   
    • In some other amazing news, Ineos Must Fall has occupied a site in Antwerp port, disrupting Ineos’s plan for a new petrochemical plant. 
    • If you’re looking for additional heroes in these trying times, we are pleased to present you comrade Attenbro.
    And for the end, if you’re feeling disheartened at UK government corruption and incompetence and the resulting prospect of another lockdown, here’s a wee motivation video from some of our European allies showing how to best meet our climate targets.

    Welcome to the fifth edition of The Rising Clyde, a newsletter from the COP26 Coalition! Just a reminder to send us any resources, articles and random things from the climate movement here! Also, remember to join our shared calendar to make it easier to find the dates and details for upcoming meetings and events. For now, click here for the Soundtrack for #5 and enjoy your pre-2nd-lockdown read! 


    From the Ground Up: Global Gathering for Climate Justice

    As announced in the last newsletter, the Coalition is organising From The Ground Up: An Online Global Gathering for Climate Justice from 12 to 16 November 2020. The Gathering will not only mark the moment COP26 was supposed to take place, but will be an opportunity for us to connect with allies across the world to learn from each other, to educate ourselves on climate justice, and to strategise together about where our movement should go in the coming months.

    After this, we will coordinate days of action around the weekend of the G20, 21-22 November, to hold world leaders accountable for their failing to address the multiple crises we face. Join the Mobilisations group to help develop our plans.

    Thank you for the overwhelming interest, we already received over 100 submissions for sessions, and are still waiting for contributions from our international allies. In the next few weeks, we will arrange a programme that reflects the depth and diversity of our movement and enables us to develop a joint strategy for the coming year. If you would like to help with this, join us at the project team meeting on Wednesday, 30 September at 1pm

    If you have any questions, contact our coordinators Quan and Camille at any time. In the meantime, spread the word! 

    Boiling Point

    We are currently running our online speaker series, “Boiling Point: Everything you ever wanted to know about international climate change negotiations but were too afraid to ask.” In it we explore the basics of international climate change politics and the infamous COP. Experts with years of experience working behind the scenes of major summits will share their knowledge of the history and process of the talks as well as the major issues and main players. Boiling Point runs weekly on Thursdays from 17th September through 22nd October. 

    The next and third session, “A Potted History of Climate Change Negotiations – Part 2” will take place on 1 October at 2pm (BST). Our third session will explore developments since the Paris Agreement with the Third World Network’s Meena Raman, a Malaysian public interest lawyer who has actively participated in the UNFCCC negotiations since 2007. Register here!

    Get involved!

    The COP26 Coalition is launching our Trade Union Working Group on Wednesday 30th September at 6pm. This meeting is open to all rank and file activists, officials, and trade union staff. Please help us reach out to beyond the usual suspects – and forward this invite to trade union members who you think would be interested! You can join the meeting here.

    As one of the ways to mark this November, the Glasgow Local Working Group will hold live readings of key passages of the IPCC reportthat focus on frontline communities, indigenous groups, and the necessity of societal transformation. If you’re based in Glasgow, or live close to fossil fuel infrastructure in Scotland, and are interested in reading parts of the report, please get in touch with Patrick and Katie! 

    There’s some exciting actions coming up: Our pals at Extinction Rebellion Scotland plan a series of actions to make the connectionsbetween fossil fuels, finance, and the government. If you’re free between 19-25 October and want to disrupt those most responsible for the climate crisis, join them!

    In further Scottish news: Tripod and Young Friends of the Earth Scotland are offering an organising training for Scottish climate, environmental and social activists. If you’re a Scottish activist, apply here for Building Power.

    And lastly: Climate Camp Scotland is fundraising on behalf of Migrants Organising for Rights and Empowerment (MORE), who are in urgent need of funding. If you have anything to spare, please support their fundraiser, and if you’re broke, share it with your rich friends!

    News and Resources 

    • This month wildfires yet again ripped through California, displacing thousands of people and causing untold damage. In the blazes, over a million 1000-year old Joshua trees perished. Will what follows be, as Mike Davis writes, a new apocalyptic “second nature?”

    • If not fire, flood: ¾ of a million people have been affected and many displaced across Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Ghana, Niger, Mali, Nigeria, Congo Republic and Senegal. This is worrying for the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) who point out that these populations are now increasingly vulnerable to epidemics.

    • Worryingly, displacement is only going to increase as climate change intensifies. The Ecological Threat Register this month predicted that 1.2 billion people could be displaced in the next 30 years. 

    • The U.N. is not only worried about humans but also for many other species. A recent landmark report warns that the rate of species extinctions is accelerating.

    • Such unprecedented destruction is not, however, everyone’s fault. Oxfam’s recent “Confronting Carbon Inequality” report points out that, between 1990-2015, the richest 1% alone were responsible for double the carbon emissions of the poorest half of the world’s population. This builds on their earlier findings that the richest 10% of the global population are responsible for the same emissions as the poorest 3.1 billion people.

    • Another way of attributing responsibility shows that the global supply chains of multinational companies such as BP, Coca-Cola and Walmart are responsible for 20% of carbon emissions.

    • Of course blame must be laid at the door of the likes of CDC, the UK’s development finance agency, who continue to invest in fossil fuels overseas.

    • Why let inconvenient facts get in the way of a good story, though, when you could do as the EU does and simply use the “creative accounting” of net-zero to pretend you have ceased polluting when in fact you have done no such thing!

    • After huge pressure from the EU, this week Xi Jinping pledged his country would peak carbon emissions by 2030 and reach “carbon neutrality” by 2060. While these are encouraging sounds we have to ask if China is going to copy the EU by saying one thing and doing another.

    • We may be able to answer such questions thanks to new initiatives such as Climate Trace, which aims to to track human-caused emissions to specific sources in real time—independently and publicly.

    • Tracking emissions, however, won’t be enough. Stopping emissions, in the words of Ende Gelände, needs to happen with our own hands. Follow them here to keep up to date for their ongoing direct action against German coal and gas infrastructure – and very importantly for us, explore their COVID-19 hygiene concept here, which is arguably more sophisticated than the one from the UK government. 

    And lastly, check out this fantastic poem by Glasgow councillor Graham Campbell on Glasgow’s role in the slave trade, how Scotland’s colonial history was buried through organised forgetting, and how we can together move towards an organised remembering.

    Welcome to the fourth edition of The Rising Clyde, a newsletter from the COP26 Coalition! Just a reminder: if you’ve read good articles on climate justice, watched an amazing video on climate struggles, or simply discovered some really good tunes for the revolution, send them to us here

    We have a lot of exciting news for you in the coming weeks. With so many Coalition meetings taking place, things can quickly get confusing – which is why we have created a shared calendar to make it easier to find the dates and details for upcoming meetings and events. For now, click here for the soundtrack for #4 to remind yourselves how essential the trade union movement is for any progress in society.

    From the Ground Up: Call for Contributions

    From 12-16th November, the COP26 Coalition is hosting From the Ground Up – a global online gathering that will be a space to educate, activate and strategise. We will discuss the need for a global green new deal and work towards a global plan of action to create the change we need from the ground up.

    We need your help to bring together thousands of activists and participants from across the world  to develop the strategies and tactics necessary to achieve climate justice and build for a year of climate action towards the COP26 meeting in Glasgow next year.

    From the Ground Up: Global Gathering for Climate Justice will be an opportunity to

    • address the seriousness of the crises we face
    • develop common strategies and demands
    • understand what is and isn’t being done by governments
    • what should and shouldn’t be done regarding false solutions vs people’s solutions
    • what we should be doing together in the next five years.

    We would like to invite contributions from climate justice activists, community leaders, campaigners, scientists, researchers, & trade unionists – you might want to suggest a speaker, a workshop, cultural event, or a topic for debate. We will be organising the following sessions:

    • panels with high-profile activists and community leaders
    • action workshops
    • movement strategy debates and workshops
    • 101 introduction sessions on key topics
    • arts, cultural events and storytelling
    • linking struggles and strategies sessions

    Please fill in this Submission Form by 22nd September. The COP26 project team will be curating and coordinating the programme and will be in contact about your submission to ensure that as many voices from our movement as possible are represented in the gathering.

    In the meantime, spread the word about the gathering, and share the call for contributions!

    Get involved!

    Speaking of upcoming events… we are very pleased to finally announce that registration is open for our online speaker series, “Boiling Point: Everything you ever wanted to know about international climate change negotiations but were too afraid to ask.”

    In this series of six one hour-long webinars we will explore the basics of international climate change politics and the infamous COP, or “Conference of the Parties.” Activists, policy analysts and journalists with years of experience working behind the scenes of major summits will share their knowledge of the history and process of the talks as well as the major issues and main players. The Boiling Point series will run weekly on Thursdays from 17th September through 22nd October. 

    The first session “Climate Negotiations for Beginners” starts on September 17th, with Dorothy Guerrero from Global Justice Now and Doreen Stabinsky from the College of the Atlantic walking us through the basics of the process, terms and concepts of the UN climate negotiations.

    Mark your calendars for the next All-Coalition Assembly which will take place on 23rd September from 6.30 – 8.30pm BST. Call-in details will be shared via email and on the Coalition’s Slack workspace.

    Shortly after this, our amazing Global Solidarity Working Group is hosting the 3rd International Assembly on the 24th September, 9am-11am BST, where we’re starting to organise and strategise together with our international allies. If you are in contact with international groups, send them an invitation!

    Also have a look at the Climate Fringe website, a home for events of all kinds in the run-up and during COP26, in Scotland and beyond! Curated by our friends at Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, the Climate Fringe hosts webinars, discussions, and events ranging from how to end racism and classism in environmentalism to the campaign launch of Free Our City, a new coalition campaigning for free public transport for everyone in Greater Glasgow.

    How will we live in a world that is 3 degrees warmer? The Journal “The World +3 Degrees” is collecting perspectives and stories on what will be important in the coming years. Whether it’s about how people will travel, how housing and energy will be organised, or how we can build communities adapted to a world at +3 degrees, submit a contribution on what you think will or should happen! Submission deadline is the 15th October 2020. Find more information here:

    News and Resources

    Also, because it’s this time of the year again: here’s a video for those of you who are tired of politicians, newspapers and talk show hosts yet again blaming immigrants, young people and neighbouring countries for everything that’s wrong.