Civil society protests at COP24 in Katowice 2018.

About the coalition

The UK is set to host major climate change negotiations some time in 2021 in Glasgow. The summit, known as COP26 (the 26th Conference of the Parties), will take place in the midst of a “hostile environment” and a disaffected public that has faced a decade of austerity cuts and a politics driven by Brexit. 

Serious coordination is required to deliver powerful mobilisations, create a welcoming civil society space for representatives of global movements, and ensure that UK civil society presents strong demands of the UK Government, and devolved administrations, impacting the public discourse in a meaningful and productive way.

We are an emerging coalition of UK civil society groups from diverse constituencies such as trade unions, development and environment NGOs, direct action groups, climate justice organisations, migrant & racial justice networks, faith groups, and student movements.

We are working in a broad, diverse and inclusive formation to organise ourselves as UK civil society around COP26 and are in the process of establishing UK-level and Scottish-level coordinating groups, with Scottish representation on the UK group and strong communication between the two groups.

Following initial meetings in September 2019, we plan to hold face-to-face coalition-wide meetings every couple of months with increased frequency throughout 2020-2021, and are in the process of constituting various working groups and governing structures.

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To find out more about joining the coalition please contact cop26coalitionuk[at]riseup.net

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